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Post-event survey results Virtual Freightcamp 2020

Post-event survey results Virtual Freightcamp 2020

After concluding the post 2020 Virtual Freightcamp Survey, we are pleased to share the results with all of you. We use this survey as a main feedback mechanism to measure your satisfaction with the event, identify improvements and facilitate performance in line with your needs and expectations.

The overall level of satisfaction with the event was rated in average 8,93. Satisfaction with the Virtual Event score at a very high level, 93% of the submissions were above 8 and more than 30% scored with a 10 all points considered. As regards general organisation, we evaluated different points: Information given prior and during the event (9), Event Help Desk (8,77), Quality of your 1to1 Meetings (8,72), and the Meeting Opening, Panel & Webinars (8,37).

We also asked about the new features included in the new Virtual Event IT System. Participants were satisfied to a high degree and the portal is considered to be a great interface to stay with us in future events. We are delighted that our development and efforts have led to these positive outcomes, as for the many compliments received and survey scores. In average the New Delegates portal scored 8,56, evaluating diverse aspects such as its accessibility, platform UI/UX, time zones matching, managing availability, scheduling and notifications. The 1to1 VDO Meetings scored 8,64 in average, taking into account the Meetings duration, video function, sound system, screen-sharing and chat.

Although it is impossible to make any serious predictions on what to expect in 2021 and the chances of hosting in-person meetings, through the survey we did try to know about your feelings, expectations and estimates. 93% of participants in the survey think it’s a good idea to have a 2nd Virtual Meeting in 6 months, and at the same time 70% consider having an Hybrid event in June 2021 would be convenient if safety is recovered. From our side, we will be ready for offering whatever alternative (virtual or hybrid) is more convenient to all of us.

Of course, there is room for improvement, especially as the virtual concept was new for everyone. We are already working on suggestions and adjustments in the platform that were detected during the meetings and functions that we could not deliver in time for the event.

Having this excellent platform at our service, will really help us introduce new ways of connecting and networking during future editions of freightcamp, as well as the entire year.

A big “thank you” to everyone that took part in this survey! We commit to using your feedback and insights to improve our upcoming events