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Virtual Freightcamp Testimonials

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We felt somehow closer despite it was a virtual meeting. The pandemic let us feel alone and apart with the rest of the world and this virtual meeting we felt instead not alone and not apart. It was really a pleasant emotion. Thank you to have organized this Sarah I just wanted to say thanks to the PANGEA+CONNECTA team for the amazing job of organizing the virtual FREIGHTCAMP. We surely missed the informal opportunities to chat in hallways and over meals that are hallmarks of FREIGHTCAMPS, we still participated in robust conversations & 1to1 meetings. I’m so glad that, they made this decision in order to provide access to rich information and valuable experiences for all partners. Once again, thank you, team ‘The FREIGHTCAMP must go on’.
Alessandro D'Orto M. Ehsan Ansari
FJT LOGISTICS, Australia SEA POWER, Saudi Arabia
Virtual Meeting gave us the opportunity to meet colleagues we normally don't have contact with and see friends faces. During this time with no traveling, Virtual Freightcamp was a great option to keep on trak of agents around the globe. The tool worked very well and the event was totally focus on the meetings. Great work! What an incredibly well organized online event. The software platform used to host the meetings worked flawlessly and made for some really productive meetings. Kudos to Sarah and her team for such a well orchestrated event!
Rossana Arcos Trevor Colbeck
Perfect organization, honest and authentic meeting with great partners. The meeting was incredible high level and exchanges of ideas. Very good experience of the Virtual Meetings thru PANGEA and really in the top level in comparison!
Domie Heger Jan Boklund
Amazing virtual experience, platform was smooth and thorough had all the details, best part, its easy to use Pangea/Connecta 2020 virtual conference has been a great solution to stay in touch with your existing partners but also to meet new people within the network. The provided platform worked perfectly and was very easy to use. Big compliments for the organizer and developers.
Usman Mir Robert Bruggemann
The virtual meeting in this current climate was excellent. Really nice to see everyone and have time to speak with regards to our freight needs - it was refreshing to see so many delegates and be able to interact with them 🙂 Glad to give a short testimony on the First Virtual Freightcamp. I was really exited to attend the meeting , and a different experience in a life time. Virtual Freigthcamp was surely a better idea of meeting our old friends and new friends together in one platform.
Harj Binning Sam Varghese
Having the opportunity to "virtually" meet with 30 of our Pangea/Connecta partners and connect with them on a personal and business level was an extremely rewarding and humbling experience My experience in the Virtual Meeting was great since from your desk and comfort office or home with your cup of coffee you talked with all your partner without no doubt, it was extreme good experience
Janette Deakins Ana Maria Silva
Excellent Good event, well organized.
Noor Alam Siddique Darren Hobbs
ALPHA GROUP, Bangladesh CSE Freight, New Zealand
Not as efficient or pleasing like face to face meetings, but Virtual Freight camp was a professionally organised, easy and convenient way of meeting worldwide friends. I would encourage those that doubted the virtual freight camp to join us, it is so good that we can see our members after 1 year even it is on screen.
Nil Tunasar Max Ooi
Although this is our 1st time Virtual meeting with FreightCamp it is an excellent and clear way to conduct meeting and allowing us for visual interaction with our network agents, especially meeting up with new and old friends and all times even more so when we are in COVID Quarantine period. I would highly recommend you to participate in the next Virtual Meeting This virtual meeting helps us a lot to know each other more personalize and I believe that our biz will be increasing soon. Met so many good and prospective agent. Good job Pangea....
Rodde Preno Ng Anie
VCK, Singapore SEVEN SEAS LOGISTICS, Indonesia
I had a great experience with the virtual Freight Camp meeting and able to set up meetings with about 28 Pangea/ Connecta members with a fruitful 1 to 1 business meeting. The app was wonderful; very easy to use, a fantastic online opportunity to coordinate and conduct meetings from workspace, I thank Ms. Sarah for her brilliant efforts to make 2020 Virtual FREIGHTCAMP success. Although face to face events give a better touch and interaction virtual even finally comes into a success for mutual benefit to know each other. Especially for new members expand network with new partners and expanded service portfolio in all regions
Jamal Hussain Petros Evangelopoulus
Really enjoyed to see our network friends again on the video conference. Hope to see them next year again. Everything is well organized. I have personally enjoyed this wonderful virtual program. Thanks PANGEA to give us such opportunity to meet our partners even in this pandemic situation.
Jacob van den Belt Ariful Islam
PORTEX, Netherlands TRUST CARGO, Bangladesh