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Don’t miss the Freightcamp 2024 recap video!

Don’t miss the Freightcamp 2024 recap video!

It’s been a month already since our amazing event in Phuket! We had a great turnout with 210 attendees, 165 companies represented, and 55 countries participating. There were over 6700 meetings and plenty of laughs to go around.


Just like after every Freightcamp, we’ve been gathering your feedback through the post-event survey. Your input is incredibly valuable and helps us tailor the event to what members like most. Of course, we know (and years of surveys confirm this) that everyone has different preferences. Some prefer resorts, others prefer city hotels. Some love to dance, while others prefer to chat. Even your preferences can change from year to year! So, we analyze the feedback overall, knowing it’s a snapshot in time and limited by the survey options. Luckily, many of you add comments, suggestions, and testimonials that give us a more complete picture.


Even with some unpredictable weather, the overall satisfaction for the event was excellent at 8.87 out of 10. Here’s a breakdown of the individual ratings:

+ Phuket and the Hotel: 8.33

+ Conference Registration: 8.53

+ 1to1 Scheduler and Meeting Quality: 8.87 (highest rated!)

+ Logistics Specialties Panel: 8.20

+ Team Building: 9.00 (most enjoyable activity!)

+ Speed Networking: 8.87 (highest rated!)

+ Welcome Reception and Farewell Dinner: 8.67

+ Thai Themed Dinner: 7.53


We also included questions about some common topics of conversation at the conference. Here’s what we learned:

+ 1to1 Meetings Duration: 85% of you liked the 20-minute 1to1 meetings, 14% would prefer them shorter, and only 1% wanted them longer.

+ Speed Networking: Most (63%) liked the 3-minute speed networking format, while 19% would prefer 5 minutes and 15% would rather traditional 1to1 meetings.

+ Future Location: When it comes to future Freightcamps, 32% prefer resorts, 14% prefer city hotels, and the majority (54%) are happy with either as long as travel connections are good.


And finally, the question you’ve all been waiting for… 63% voted for Barcelona as the next Freightcamp location, while 37% chose Singapore. While we can’t guarantee the final location, specific dates, or the overall agenda, as there are many events, exhibitions and clashes all the year round, we’ll do our best to match your preferences.

Thanks again to everyone who attended Freightcamp 2024! We look forward to seeing you … wherever we end up next!