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The Not To Miss event

Although the vaccination campaigns are bringing light and hope in many countries, this is yet not global and there is still too much uncertainty on the evolution of the pandemic at an international scale limiting the chances of organising an in person event involving so many different nationalities.

In the balance, of a having reduced in person meeting or a global virtual meeting, we believe the virtual option brings more benefits on the table for everyone.

During this crisis, we have chosen to plan for the short term with a realistic perspective. Under these premises and considering the above, we have decided to wait a bit more before organising an in person event, we hope this will be possible sooner than later. In the meantime, networking cannot stop so let’s continue enjoying a virtual experience that works!

The live online one2one meetings continue to be in the core of the event and have the same structure as the in-person versions.

The distribution of the agenda covers the different time zones and gives enough flexibility to all participants for scheduling their preferred meeting times and availability. Group sessions will be organized every day to complete the event program and share knowledge and experiences.

Virtual Freightcamp has proved in its 2020 and 2021 editions to be an experience that still provides great networking opportunities in a virtual format. Replacing the in-person event with dynamic virtual meetings and content enables us to bring all members together in a safe and productive way.

Not pretending to replace the personal touch, the virtual event is a super alternative in the current times. We invite you to network and socialize with partners and friends, even in a virtual way, to make connections, to speak about business and to generate synergies, at the same time we bring humanity to our screens.

We look forward to enjoying a great Virtual Freightcamp and to hosting an in-person Freightcamp again soon!

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